Understanding Subaru Starlink

Stay Connected with Subaru Starlink

Subaru believes that every vehicle they make should not just be as structurally safe as possible, but also be a comfortable place for owners and passengers to feel safe and secure by incorporating modern technology features. Subaru STARLINK offers owners the ability to have an advanced suite of connected services in every new Subaru as a standard feature. These features include STARLINK Safety and Security and Multimedia. 

Subaru Starlink Multimedia Infotainment

With Subaru STARLINK Multimedia, owners will get Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth functionality, navigation, SiriusXM, Voice Command, and a Wi-Fi Hotspot. With Voice Command, drivers can control the navigation, what they want to listen to, and the ability to make hands-free phone calls. Some Subaru models even allow you to control the climate in the vehicle.

Subaru Starlink App

Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security owners will get a whole suite of features, including:

  • Automatic Collision Notification
    • A Subaru Customer Care Advisor will automatically contact your vehicle in the event of a crash. Whether the driver or passenger(s) answer or not, they can dispatch emergency services to your exact location. 
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
    • Pressing the non-emergency blue “i” button on the overhead console where your reading lights are located will connect the driver to Subaru STARLINK Information Services. From there, drivers can relay the problem, such as a flat tire, and a Customer Care Advisor will locate your vehicle via GPS and get you the assistance needed. 

Safety and Security with Subaru Starlink

  • SOS Emergency Assistance 
    • The red “SOS” button next to the blue “i” button on the ceiling will link you to a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor anywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington D.C., to assist in a non-collision emergency, such as a medical emergency. Help will be dispatched to your GPS location. 
  • Vehicle Health Report
    • STARLINK can send you a monthly e-mail with a link to read a report about your vehicle on your MySubaru account. The report features a full comprehensive diagnostic report of your vehicle. 
  • Vehicle Condition Check
    • From the MySubaru app on your smartphone or online, you can check the odometer mileage, range, and tire pressures of your vehicle on demand. 
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
    • If your vehicle’s alarm is triggered, your smartphone will alert you via the MySubaru app. After calling the authorities to report the stolen vehicle, contacting a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor will allow them to work with the police to assist in tracking the vehicle’s GPS location. 
  • Stolen Vehicle Immobilizer
    • Once you have contacted a Customer Care Advisor and a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service has been initiated, the police can request Subaru to immobilize your vehicle. Once the vehicle comes to a stop and has been turned off, it can’t be turned on again. 
  • Remote Services
    • With the MySubaru app on your smartphone, you can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle, sound the horn, turn on the lights, and you can locate your vehicle if you can’t find it in a crowded parking area. 
  • Maintenance Notifications
    • When your Subaru needs its regular maintenance, the vehicle can notify you by e-mail. 
  • Diagnostic Alerts
    • If your Subaru has a check engine or warning light, you will receive a notification to your phone either by text, e-mail, or the MySubaru app telling you what the problem is and that you should schedule a service appointment. 
  • Service Appointment Scheduler 
    • The infotainment display will alert you when your vehicle needs to be serviced. Everything can be handled through MySubaru.com or the MySubaru smartphone app. 
  • Vehicle Security Alarm Notification
    • STARLINK will alert you through your phone that your alarm has sounded.

Starlink Multimedia, Navigation, Voice Command

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