Honoring a Memory and Promoting Road Safety with Centennial Subaru

August 17th, 2023 by

Ride to Remember Set for October 2023In the heart of community involvement and road safety advocacy, Centennial Subaru is set to host and sponsor the “Ride to Remember” Event on October 14th, 2023, at 7am, a touching tribute to the late Pete Makowski. This event not only memorializes a life tragically lost in a fatal accident but also reflects Centennial Subaru’s dedication to supporting road safety initiatives. With a deep commitment to the community and a track record of impactful endeavors, Centennial Subaru stands as a beacon of positive change. 

Promoting Road Safety: Centennial Subaru’s Commitment

On a fateful day, the roads took away a precious life, Pete Makowski, a devoted cyclist and an integral member of the community. In his memory, Centennial Subaru is organizing this “Ride to Remember”, as a day of reflection, awareness, and action. The event seeks to commemorate Pete’s life and passion for cycling while urging us all to be more mindful of road safety. The tragic loss of Pete Makowski underscores the need for increased awareness and measures to protect vulnerable road users. We recognize this responsibility and strive to play an active role in fostering safer roadways for everyone. By hosting this event, we are taking strides toward preventing such accidents in the future, promoting education, and encouraging responsible driving habits.

This event promises to be a heartwarming and impactful gathering and will bring together members of the community, cyclists, Subaru enthusiasts, and road safety advocates under one roof. It’s not just a commemoration but an opportunity to raise awareness about road safety issues that affect us all. Through engaging activities, heartfelt stories, and shared experiences, the event aims to create a powerful impact that resonates far beyond its boundaries.

Why Choose Centennial Subaru

Here at Centennial Subaru, we do not consider ourselves just a dealership; we are a haven for those who seek more than a vehicle. With a solid reputation for community engagement, road safety advocacy, and genuine care, this is the ideal place to buy your next Subaru. When you choose Centennial Subaru, you’re not just buying a car; you’re investing in a shared vision of a safer, more compassionate community. Every purchase contributes to our ongoing efforts to make a difference. It’s not just about the transaction; it’s about becoming part of a movement that reverberates positively throughout society.

We have a dedication to the community that goes beyond hosting events; it is woven into the very fabric of our business philosophy. In our commitment to road safety, we hope to extend this initiative to other communities and strive to be a catalyst for positive change. Whether it’s supporting local charities, engaging in environmental initiatives, or promoting education, Centennial Subaru wants to demonstrate dedication to making the world a better place.

Join Us For a Ride to Remember

The “Ride to Remember” Event is a poignant tribute, a call for road safety, and a celebration of community spirit. By honoring the memory of Pete Makowski and promoting road safety, Centennial Subaru exemplifies the impact a business can have when it is driven by a deeper purpose. Our commitment to the community, road safety, and positive change make us the clear choice for anyone seeking not just a vehicle, but a meaningful connection to a better future. Come see us for this event and discover more of what Centennial Subaru has to offer our community.