Centennial Subaru Receives Love Promise Award

October 12th, 2023 by

2023 Love Promise Community Commitment Award

Subaru takes its Love Promise seriously. They also recognize that they need help to fulfill their ambitions. It takes the dealers, like Centennial Subaru, to identify and contribute toward addressing the local needs in line with the Love Promise’s goals. 

That is why Centennial Subaru is so proud that we were recently honored with Subaru’s Love Promise 2023 Community Commitment Award for outstanding commitment to the Southern Nevada community. Subaru Corp. and Subaru of America Inc. recognized the dealer for their support of the local community with time, resources, and love. It is quite an accomplishment for one of Subaru’s newest dealers.

One example of the dealer’s work is when employee volunteers joined the Save Red Rock organization at Blue Diamond Village for an Earth Day social and educational event on April 22. Centennial Subaru Both donated $2,500 to the organization, and its employee volunteers followed up the following day to participate in a Lovell Canyon trash cleanup.

“We deeply appreciate the opportunity to have a positive impact on our community by assisting those who are in need,” General Manager Ryon Walters said. “Our ultimate goal is to bring hope and encouragement to those who may be experiencing challenging circumstances.

“It is an honor to receive recognition for our work, but we attribute our success to our team of dedicated associates who understand the significance of giving back,” Walters added. “At Centennial Subaru, we take pride in our role as more than just a car dealer. And we are proud supporters of the Subaru Love Promise initiative. We remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our community and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.”

The Love Promise has been noticed on a nationwide level as well. The brand and its retailers were recognized by Forbes Magazine as the No. 1 Automotive Best Brands for Social Impact in 2023.

“Giving back is at the core of everything we do at Centennial Subaru, and we take tremendous pride in the work we do for our customers and our communities,” Walters said. “We will proudly continue to support them and the causes they are about.”

Centennial Subaru Receives Love Promise Award

As mentioned, Centennial Subaru is a very new dealership, having just opened in December of 2022. This was the first time they were eligible for the award, much less receiving it. The store had to start with a blank canvas, build community relationships from scratch, and compete against far more established stores. We congratulate the Centennial Subaru management team, employee volunteers, and Love Promise coordinator Dominick Gagliano.

You purchase a car based on your needs and desires, and Subaru works hard to meet them both. But if you also want to buy from someone dedicated to helping the community, visit Centennial Subaru.